Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks| 9.99
Deliciously garlicky pizza bread topped with cheese and served with hot marinara

Mozzarella Sticks| 8.99
Served with hot marinara sauce for dipping

Fried Raviolis| 9.99
Ricotta stuffed Raviolis served with hot marinara

Potato skins| 9.99
Cheddar skins topped with bacon & Jalapeños

Fried Pickles| 7.99
Basket of fried pickles served with ranch

Duck & Bacon Rangoons | 9.99
Wonton stuffed with duck bacon creamed sweet corn and May poi for dipping 

Buffalo or Plain Chicken Tenders | 9.99
served with Buttermilk Ranch or Bleu Cheese 


One thought on “Appetizers

  1. Just want to say the guy taking my phone in delivery order, was polite and did a great job handling all the calls he seemed to be receiving at the time. Great attitude. Props Magustos 🙂

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