Sunday through Wednesday we deliver until 12:00 am and Thursday, Friday & Saturday until 2am!
Please note that all delivery orders made after 11:00pm will be confirmed with a credit card. If you do not answer your door/phone to collect your order, Magustos WILL charge you for your order PLUS 18% gratuity – so don’t fall asleep before we get there!!








4 thoughts on “Menu

  1. Work in the kitchen and when I get off late and can’t muster up the energy to cook for myself I let Magustos cook for me!! Love the Appetizer Sampler and the wide variety of things to choose from. Keep on keeping on Magustos (P.S. did I mention I LOVE your delivery hours!?) 🙂

  2. Good Food, I love the late night availability but if you order late night be prepared to wait, I live in East Vail, I ordered 2 pies at 12 and the driver finally showed up at 1:30, Pizza was cold and they forgot my soda. Spendy under these circumstances but I like the pizza.

  3. Love the food and the employees. The drivers are nice as well! You can’t beat their delivery hours. Real food not just crap that most delivery places have!

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