Magustos, Minturn CO

Magustos Pizza and Burger Bar is open 6 days a week Monday through Saturday from 11 am till 2 am including delivery. Open Sunday from 12 noon till 2 am.

Magustos is not taking reservations at this time however, our goal is to provide great food and great service. If you have more than 6 people in your party give us a call at 970-827-5450 If we don’t answer leave a message so we can call you back!

Magustos is conveniently located on Main Street in Minturn at the entrance to town. Established in 1904, Minturn was a junction for the railroad that served the mining towns of Leadville and Gilman. Though the railroad has long since been abandoned, the Town of Minturn thrives. It’s main street is lined with locally owned businesses. Owner and head Chef Eric Cregon, opened Magustos in April 2011. 

If you’re a local:  Download the Magustos mobile app free from iTunes or Google Play to receive loyalty rewards like free toppings on your pizza or a free beer with your burger.  

With our mobile app you can place to go orders and request delivery right from your smart phone. 


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. If the railroad is abandoned (as your site states), it should be converted to a “Rails-to-Trails” hiking/biking trail!!!!!!! These are all over the country (from WA state to WA DC and from upstate NY to FL and all through the middle of America) and great for we none road/mountain bikers. We live near and mostly use the Great Allegany Passage trail, along with the C&O Canal trail that together allow 400+ miles of (relatively) easy biking from Pittsburgh to DC … for all ages (families with YOUNG children, seniors, and disabled … and yes, one will find through riders on street and mountain bikes). There is a great biking trails system in Summit County’s Frisco-Dillon basin. If the rails trail in Minturn met the I-70 corridor trail, which meets with the Frisco basin one at Vail Summit, and goes to Glenwood Springs to the west, where it meets the bike trail to Aspen (and goes even further) and went to Leadville (etc.) where it could met with that town’s own “beltway” trail, it would be SUPER GREAT!! If they put a ski slope at old Gilman (heard that such was talked about years ago), would be nice to have trail there … since train rails went to Gilman.

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